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January-March 2004 - Paul receives 'A' Honor Roll awards for both the first and second semesters of school. 'A' Honor Roll means he maintained an A average in all his classes for the length of each term. Way to go Paul!
March 2004 - Newington Elementary School 4th and 5th Grades perform the musical Music Man. Sarah stars as one of the Pick-A-Little Ladies, Mrs. Squires, and, even though he is only in the 3rd Grade, Paul gets a walk-on part in the boy band.
May 2004 - End of school year. Sarah and Paul receive 'A/B' and 'A' Honor Roll awards respectively. Paul moves up to 4th Grade and Sarah moves on the Rollings Middle School For The Arts. Congratulations to all.
June 2004 - Sarah is hospitalized with suspected apendicitis. We all know the rest of the story. She continues to fine however and has only had one other episode in 2004, brought on we think by a stomach virus. Everyone say, aaawwwww!!!
November 2004 - Kelly's school choral performance. The Vocal Arts Seniors perform a medley of Classical songs in Latin and English as well as some traditional holiday music. I've also included a picture of the house, already decorated for Christmas.