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  • Bradd Street Deck 2004

    Planning approval was obtained and a contractor was hired to build the new deck. First the old stairs had to be removed and then the framing of the new multi-level deck began. With framing completed all the footers were dug, firmly cemented into the ground and bolted into the frame. Next step was to lay the deck boards and begin construction of the new stairs. Lastly we installed the railings and stair handrail, replaced the boards on the top deck and hung lattice for privacy. The entire project took less than 2 weeks to complete. Thanks for all your excellent hard work, Jeff.

  • Christmas 2003

    Hanging stockings and opening presents

  • Williamsburg 2003

    During the summer of 2003 we visited Williamsburg, VA

  • Busch Gardens 2003

    In July 2003, during our visit to Williamsburg, VA, we spent a few days at Busch Gardens in VA

  • Six Flags 2003

    In June of 2003, after dropping the girls off in Philadelphia with Marmee and Grandpa for the week, Paul, Julie and I headed over to Bayville, NJ to stay with Linda, Chris and Jordan. Linda has been friends with Julie since college. They have a home, right on the bay, in New Jersey. While there we enjoyed a day at the Six Flags Great Adventure Park in Jackson NJ.

  • Monster Truck Jam 2003

    In September of 2003, Paul and I went to watch the Monster Jam event at the Charleston Collosium, along with neighbors Laurie and MJ Harth and their two sons, Joey and Jeffrey. The noise was deafening and the smell of gas and oil was overpowering, but a great time was had by all. The night included four-wheel racing and remote control mini-cars as well as the Monster Truck races.

  • Summer 2003

    Paul and Jordan play in the bay at Linda and Chris's New Jersey home. Linda purchased a floating trampoline, which was a big hit, but even though the weather was warm the water was freezing! They also visited Six Flags Great Adventure while Kelly and Sarah spent the week with with Marmee and Grandpa in Philadelphia. We later all met up and spent a week in Williamsburg. Kelly, Sarah, and Paul get to role-play life in the 17th century in Colonial America. During this part of the trip we stopped just out side of Philadelphia PA, and visited with Dana, Julie's grandmother, soon after her 99th birthday.

  • 113 Bradd Street 2001

    Purchased in 2001 this was our home in Summerville, SC for 4 years

  • Pictures from Grosvenor Place

    Taken a long time ago. I'll add more as/when I find them.

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