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  • Visit Dad 2023

    Mom and I visited Dad this morning, in his final resting place at Emmanuel's Memorial Garden. It is clear that Mum is still taking good care of him, by keeping the stone clean with fresh flowers. Emmanuel looks much the same as I remember. There are new front steps, and a ramp, as well as flat screen TVs to replace the old hymn books post COVID.

  • Misc. Pics from the Shorts

    Here's a small collection of pictures from the Shorts, including one of Duncan with his Grandmother, at lunch, on 21 March which is Human Rights Day in South Africa

  • March Gladness 2023

    Pictures of Micah

  • Horsin' Around in PA 2023

    Kelly, Steve, and Meadow had a fun day horsin’ around!

  • Micah's 1st Birthday

    Micah's 1st Birthday with "Smash Cake"

  • Finally, an Update

    Well I finally did it. I have updated and given it a whole fresh look. It only took me 15 years but who's counting? I copied over some of the archive pictures, just to embarrass the kids, but I hope they come to appreciate it over time. Of course you may ask, "Why? Why maintain a personal website at all when there's Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc?" I guess I still believe that owning the domain name of your family name has value. Not so much for the information it provides today but more of a digital record for future generations. I guess that will play out over time. Anyway I hope you enjoy the new pictures and I promise to update the new site more often.

  • Mecum Car Auction, Kissimmee 2023

    In January 2023, Chris (my neighbor) and I went to the Mecum Classic Car Auction in Kissimmee. Although Julie insisted I leave my wallet, checkbook and bank cards at home we still went thinking we'd find something to drag home. Fortunately common sense prevailed but we had a great time window shopping. For more information or to view all the cars, go to

  • Philly Phamily Christmas 2022

    Cute pictures of Kelly, Steve and Meadow, visiting Santa.

  • Phaneuf Phamily Christmas 2022

    Christmas portraits staring Micah

  • The Carolina D'Aeth Family Christmas 2022

    Gorgeous pictures, stolen from Instagram. Keep posting, Em, and we'll keep sharing.

  • Epcot Food and Wine Festival 2022

    In early October the NetWolves Team arrived at Disney World for the 11th Annual Executive Forum. As usual we were incredibly well behaved and sampled the beverages with the right amount of restraint and decorum befitting such an elite group. And then we got to Mexico! Tequila Ted, once again, did us proud. I seem to remember there were fireworks soon after?

  • St Petersburg with Jim and Steve 2022

    In October 2022 we took a day trip to the West Coast of Florida to visit our friends Jim and Steve in St. Petersburg. We first met them on our Transatlantic cruise in April 2022 and we cruised together again in December 2022 to South America. Hope to see you guys soon.

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