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  • Nailed It Waxhaw Style

    While Sarah and Barrett were in town, we got together to play "Nailed It". We had a blast although our cake designs left a lot to be desired!

  • Master Bathroom Remodel - Part 2

    Demo, frame out the new shower, and plumbing done first. Bathtub refinished by 'Miracle Method of Charlotte' and after that the backer board and shower pan liner were installed. After that the grade and drain for the new shower floor were done floor tile started.

  • Master Bathroom Remodel - 2023

    We're finally getting around to doing the long awaited Master Bathroom remodel at the Waxhaw house. Gone will be the vinyl flooring, the old, dark shower, the single sink, builder-grade vanity and countertop. We'll be demo'ing the partition wall between the tub and the shower, moving some plumbing, and installing a new glass shower. They estimate the work will take about 2-3 weeks. We'll see.

  • The Crabb's Wedding - 2023

    On Saturday 5/6/2023 Kasey (Franz) and Zach exchanged vows in front of approx. 100 guests. Surrounded by North Carolina mountains, the ceremony was held at the Big R Orchards in Moravian Falls, near Wilkesboro. It was a beautiful day that lasted well into the night.

  • Kelly/Steve Wedding - The Buildup

    Friday night and Saturday morning meet ups prior to the ceremony. I think Micah's picture sums up how we all felt!

  • Kelly/Steve Wedding - The Venue

    The wedding was held in the Cobblestone Courtyard at Lauxmont Farms in Wrightsville, PA. Set in 1,400 acres of beautiful Pennsylvania countryside, the main building is a renovated, antique, white barn located in the Belgian granite cobblestone courtyard. There are several other outbuildings that create an idyllic setting for a wedding.

  • Kelly/Steve Wedding Part 1 - 2023

    Pictures from before the event

  • Kelly/Steve Wedding Part 2

    On Friday, while the girls went off to get mani/pedi's, the guys hung around the hotel recovering from the night before. We all met up for lunch at The First Post in York, PA,

  • Practicing Snooker at Home

    Knocking a few snooker balls around at home

  • SeaWorld with the Phaneuf's and Johnson's 2022

    While Mal and Diane were in Orlando in November we visited SeaWorld, along with Sarah and Micah. I rode the Mako Roller Coaster. Not sure why! Mal, Sarah and Julie rode them all. We watched the Orca Encounter, Dolphin Experience, and got soaked on the White Water Rapids ride when it stopped for 2-3 minutes right under where all the water ran off the bridge. Micah rode the Sunny Day Carousel in Sesame Street Land and overall we had a fun day out. Afterwards we went to Millers for dinner.

  • The Carolina D'Aeth Family Christmas 2022

    Gorgeous pictures, stolen from Instagram. Keep posting, Em, and we'll keep sharing.

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