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  • Dinner at Maxwell's with Phaneufs

    Night out while Sarah and Barrett were in Waxhaw

  • Summer 2003

    Paul and Jordan play in the bay at Linda and Chris's New Jersey home. Linda purchased a floating trampoline, which was a big hit, but even though the weather was warm the water was freezing! They also visited Six Flags Great Adventure while Kelly and Sarah spent the week with with Marmee and Grandpa in Philadelphia. We later all met up and spent a week in Williamsburg. Kelly, Sarah, and Paul get to role-play life in the 17th century in Colonial America. During this part of the trip we stopped just out side of Philadelphia PA, and visited with Dana, Julie's grandmother, soon after her 99th birthday.

  • Monster Truck Jam 2003

    In September of 2003, Paul and I went to watch the Monster Jam event at the Charleston Collosium, along with neighbors Laurie and MJ Harth and their two sons, Joey and Jeffrey. The noise was deafening and the smell of gas and oil was overpowering, but a great time was had by all. The night included four-wheel racing and remote control mini-cars as well as the Monster Truck races.

  • 113 Bradd Street 2001

    Purchased in 2001 this was our home in Summerville, SC for 4 years

  • Pictures from Grosvenor Place

    Taken a long time ago. I'll add more as/when I find them.

  • Six Flags 2003

    In June of 2003, after dropping the girls off in Philadelphia with Marmee and Grandpa for the week, Paul, Julie and I headed over to Bayville, NJ to stay with Linda, Chris and Jordan. Linda has been friends with Julie since college. They have a home, right on the bay, in New Jersey. While there we enjoyed a day at the Six Flags Great Adventure Park in Jackson NJ.

  • England 2004

    We made a whistle-stop tour of Northern England in November leaving sunny Charleston, SC (84 degrees) on a Wednesday afternoon and arriving next morning in damp, cold Manchester (nothing changes).There we were met by a ray of sunshine (Mum) who kept smiling as she tried to remember where she had parked the car! We soon arrived at North Street, with Mark having spent the drive home saying, "I remember that.. and that..." Christopher and Carole came up on Friday night. We played snooker on Saturday afternoon and then went to the Fireworks display at Meols Hall in the evening. Dad sadly passed away only a month later but it was great seeing him one last time.

  • The Best Christmas Pageant Ever 2004

    After many weeks of practice, the boys and girls of the 4th and 5th Grade at Newington Elementary School put on a wonderful performance of "The Best Christmas Pageant Ever" last Friday night. Paul played one of the 3 leading characters, Charlie, who's Mother had been given the responsibility of organizing their church nativity play after Mrs. Armstrong broke her leg. Nobody, especially Charlie, wants to participate. The Herman children (the roughest kids in the neighborhood) are the only volunteers and everyone thinks the performance will be a disaster. But the story of the birth of baby Jesus begins to change them all.

  • Christmas 2004

    We love Christmas, but this one will always be different. After spending the previous week in England saying goodbye to Dad, Christmas Eve was spent in an airplane over the Atlantic Ocean. Even though I was not at the Christmas Eve candlelight service at Cathedral I was certainly there in spirit and I arrived home safely shortly before midnight. I think this Christmas will always be remembered by the look on Kelly's face when she opened her main gift from us, a cell-phone. That picture was priceless. We had a wonderful dinner with the Wyatt's

  • New York City 2005

    The Rollings Middle School "Dream Chorus" took a field trip to New York City, during Spring Break, to perform at the Statue of Liberty. 2 buses full of 11-14 year old's and their parent chaperones left Charleston early Monday morning. After a flat tire, and several bathroom breaks, we finally arrived at the Hampton Inn in Secaucus NJ shortly before midnight. On Tuesday we toured Rockefeller Center, Radio City Music Hall, Ground Zero and we went to the top of the Empire State Building. After touring the Metropolitan Museum of Art we caught the Ferry to Ellis Island where the kids performed under "difficult" conditions at the Statue of Liberty. We then went to dinner and later to the Broadway Show, "All Shook Up" which was awesome. We left New York early Thursday morning and spent another long day on the bus traveling back home to Charleston. We arrived back at school sometime after midnight a very tired bunch.

  • Father/Son Camp 2005

    "BT's" or Basic Training is a wonderful activity for boys which teaches good christian values and a healthy respect for authority. The boy's meet weekly for a fun time under the supervision of a great group of counselors. At the end of the semester is the "Father Son Campout" at Santee State Park which was attended by about 50 people. It was freezing cold the first night but it stayed dry except for one boy who slipped and fell at the edge of the lake. We went fishing and boating on Lake Marion, and ate several hamburgers and hot dogs courtesy of Jeff Litchenburg, Brandon Parish and his dad, John. We had a Treasure Hunt and rode bikes all around the park. We'll definitely have to do this again.

  • A Day At The Races 2005

    On Saturday February 25th, 2005, The Vintage Dricers Club of America held its season opening races at the Carolina Motorsports Park in Kershaw, SC. The weather was perfect as about 70 cars warmed up during practice. There were 2 practice rounds for each class, followed by qualifying, and then a 30 minute sprint. The racing was competitive but friendly and a great time was had by all who were lucky enough to be able to attend.

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