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1963 Alpine Restoration

Subject to a meticulous 4-year rotisserie restoration, which was completed in 2000, the car was delivered to us on March 24th, 2005.

The strip down revealed an undamaged body, except for minor door dings, and absolutely no rust. The body was gently bead-blasted and phosphate plated for corrosion resistance prior to painting.The car was originally from Oregon and had a factory gold exterior and black interior. It was repainted white, with top of the line Glassurit brand polyurethane paint from BASF, and fitted with a new red interior. The new convertible top is white, as is the tonneau cover.

The engine, gearbox and clutch were completely rebuilt as were the brakes and steering system. Virtually all electrical components that could be replaced were replaced with new. The wiring harness was removed, un-taped, checked, cleaned and re-taped. The exhaust is a lifetime warranty stainless steel system. The suspension was completely rebuilt including Spax gas adjustable shocks on all four wheels and the rear end was rebuilt with new seals.

The car is still in excellent condition more than 20 years later.

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